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360 Image slider (non-sprite)#105


Right now you have a 360 degree images slider ( which is really nice, but using a single sprite can mean hours of tedious work. Like aligning your images to fit just right.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a coder. I am graphic designer/3D modeler. So, some of what I say may not be accurate or not what it needs to be.

For improvements:

1.) I would have it load images from a resource folder and have the user just label the images 1 though however many there are. Then instead of I think the “friction” line. Just have it be a variable that says how many slide there are and adjust the count ticks with that.

2.) Have the images load in a size able frame and have the images either stretch or crop at that dimension.

3.) I don’t know it if it was there I didn’t look, but transparence for the background.

4.) Maybe have an iframe version for easy embedability into pre-existing websites?

Thank you! Keep up the awesome work!

10 months ago

great suggestions 👍

10 months ago

Thank you! Maybe it will come true. LOL. :)

9 months ago

@Jamesparksart it will, you have my word! 🙌

9 months ago

Love to see this aswell! Also the sprite version would be welcome :D

6 months ago