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Dynamic page loading/animation#125

It would be great to have the ability to have dynamically loading page animations. I’ve used Barba.js ( which is a bit complicated to setup and it would be useful to have something like this integrated.

“Real” animated page loading is something we’re used to seeing on the web now but it’s not straightforward to do.

a year ago
a year ago

That’s a great idea for a component! We’ll look into it 👍

a year ago
Changed the status to
Added to Roadmap
7 months ago

Is there anywhere to see the Roadmap? I was wondering how far off something like this might be.

24 days ago

Hi Richard, we don’t have a public roadmap, but we def should as we publish components from both this (board) list and our private list. The dynamic page transition is on our roadmap, but we’re not currently working on it. As soon as its status switches to “in progress”, it’ll be only a few days away from being published.

22 days ago