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Theme Switcher on Components Section#133

First thanks for all the awesome components you’ve provided thus far <3.

It would be great to have the option to view all the components in the different themes we define in a project. For instance, we have the initial default theme when we create a new project but if/when we define a new theme e.g. dark there’s no way to view the different components in the alternate theme unless you create a project that defaults to the alternate theme (dark) or at least I haven’t found a way to do this just yet.

thanks again and keep up the fantastic work!

Don Dikaio
4 months ago

Hi Don! Thanks for your kind words :) A “component theme switcher” is definitely something on our todo list. There’s no way at the moment to preview the components using the themes created in the Color Global Editor, and I can see how that would be very useful. We’ll look into it 100% 👍

Sebastiano Guerriero
4 months ago
Changed the status to
Added to Roadmap
Sebastiano Guerriero
16 days ago

You guys ROCK

Donovan Dikaio
15 days ago