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Card for dashboard widgets#142


A card variant for presenting dashboard widgets. Probably includes a header, action button/overflow menu, drag and drop, filters, content pane, and footer.

There could potentially be a separate Dashboard category with components styled specifically for use in a widget or even different widget types. For example, charts, metrics, data tables, media, etc. Mobile-friendly versions of each would be good too.

That’s all, thanks!

6 months ago

Hi there! We’re definitely gonna have a separate “dashboard/app” category. When you say ‘card’, are you referring to something like this? ->

6 months ago

Hi, yes, basically a container for displaying the different types of dashboard widgets, with the common functionality I’ve suggested above.

My second point was to maybe extend this to showcase the individual types of dashboard widgets.


6 months ago
Changed the status to
Added to Roadmap
2 months ago