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keep original codyframe class names (not compiled) for paid users#206

All the css class names of the demo components and templates pages are compiled, which is very inconvenient. is it possible to keep the original codyframe class names (not compiled) for paid users?

3 months ago

Hi Yang, we’ll look into this, although it’s a bit tricky given the current set up.

Just to understand the use case: when, in your workflow, would you check the demo’s original class names? tnx

2 months ago

case 1: when defining custom layouts or custom combinations of the existing components, the demo codes is needed;

case 2: when projects are using third party css libs, sometimes the rendering result is different from the demo, it will be handy to have the original classes in the demo for checking differences.


2 months ago

Thanks for providing more info 👍

2 months ago