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Tree View v2#222

Hi again, I was just thinking and brainstorming some new component ideas and I think adding a new version of your new Tree View component that allows you to change the icons dynamically client side instead of pre programming the icons you can change from a dropdown selections that could help users to organize there specific sections. Either that or adding the options to create tags or query specifics to the sections to be combined with a filter options to find items in the treeview based on the specific query. :)

24 days ago

An example can be you know if you use Visual Studio Code there is that extension that adds icons to your file view for your js files or folders it called Material Icon Theme by Philipp Kief sort of like that but with selections not automatic changing.

24 days ago

Hi! I’m not sure it’s a ‘UI component’? It would require a separate interface to change the icons of the Tree, but it depends on how you’re integrating the Tree component. We plan on working on a CMS template in the near future, which could be used for cases like the one you’re mentioning :)

24 days ago

@Sebastiano Guerriero Yep what you seem to be planning on working on should be useful in my case.

23 days ago

I found an awesome idea for a Tree v2:

21 days ago