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Stacked revealing sections component#244

Would be nice if there is a easy way to stack the component revealing sections.

Variant 1:

  • cover (lvl0)
    – reveal content (lvl1)
    – cover 2 (lvl1)
    — reveal content (lvl2)
    — cover 3 (lvl2)
    —- reveal content (lvl3)
    And continue more if a designer wish to stack more.

Variant 2:

  • slide 1 section after another.

It’s really hard to explain the effect but hopefully this tree illustrates what we are after.

Could be released as a v2 component maybe?

14 days ago
Changed the status to
In Progress
3 days ago

We just pushed two variations: –stacked-v1 and –stacked-v2 ;)

3 days ago
Changed the status to
3 days ago